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Here at Pathway Africa we seek to explore and harness the market potential of the 54 countries, as well as not losing sight of a plethora of business opportunities on the continent.

Africa is currently enjoying its longest and most sustained period of economic development and expansion.

Economic growth (in the way of trade with other governments) is needed for the Motherland to fulfill its true potential. Income has to grow, and more jobs need to be created in order to give confidence for the future in the light of the world economic state.

The economic sunshine has encouraged some commercial and private investment in the region, but much more is needed to keep in line with other developing world regions.

In our view, this shows a growing demand for value for business money, products and services. By implication, there is also a demand for affordable accommodation in Africa, in order to sustain, maintain and keep a very talented workforce.

We have potential investors showing a growing interest in the region. We are already in negotiation for solid contracts with resident businessmen and women. We'd love you to join us and see what Africa can do for you.

Connecting European Business

As part of our ongoing international activities, Pathway Africa seeks 

to create opportunities between African and European businesses by utilising our extensive networks and associations to aid growth in both emerging and mature markets. 

About our network: About
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